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Fear of exams, or fear of driving

For some students taking the practical driving test is extremely stressful. This extreme stress could create nervousness, anxiety, fear of losing control and many other nasty symptoms. In order to be able to guide these people to their driving test as good as possible, we created the opportunity to pay more attention to this group of people

If you are aware of these symptoms, it is important for us to provide you with more than enough driving experience. Increasing your driving experience will strengthen your self-confidence and the symptoms will decrease. We are using approved methods during our lessons in order to strengthen that self-confidence.

Control your fear of driving

Our specially trained 'fear of failure' instructors will pay attention to you and only you! They do not make phone calls or take care of private things along the way and they will let you take a short break if necessary. They are selected for their patience and their various trainings of how to get their knowledge and skills across. They can also inform you about driving lessons in a automatic car