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Driving School For Foreigners and expats

For foreigners and expats we have special English skilled teachers to obtain a drivers license or driving license in Amsterdam. We have automatic and manual cars available for driving lessons, also we give Dutch and English theory lessons in Amsterdam for driving licenses.

New: 14-day speedcourses automatic and gear B-licence are available, starting at age 16

About CBR

CBR (the Driving Test Organisation) is the Dutch statutory body responsible for the administering of driving tests. Each year CBR holds around half a million theory tests and half a million practical driving tests. CBR operates almost 200 test centres throughout the country. It is only responsible for driving tests; driving instruction in the Netherlands is provided by private driving schools such as ourselves.

Theory license and theory lessons

Before you can take your practical license you need to obtain a theory license. You can follow a 1-day English CBR training here. The theory exam has 40 knowledge questions and 25 danger-recognition questions. Most people find it very difficult, it should not be underestimated.

Theory books and Online training

Would you rather learn on your own in your free time? You can order theory books in English for the Dutch theory and practical exams. We can provide you a short list of websites where you can order the books:

- LeerTheorie.nl
- Trafficbook.nl

Not only can you get comprehensive theory books, but you can also take part in Online exam training by purchasing a code on the LeerTheorie.nl online platform

Professional driving instructors

In addition to administering driving tests to the general public, CBR is also responsible for testing professional driving instructors through its special professional driver exams, CCV. This division administers basic driving tests as well as advanced tests for experienced driver instructors. These tests are structured in accordance with European guidelines and enable driving instructors to maintain and improve their driving lessons and skills.

Disqualification procedures

The CBR Driver Assessment Division is responsible for the ‘disqualification procedures’. Such a procedure can be initiated against people whose driving ability is suspected to be insufficient by the police, the public prosecutions department, or CBR. Around ten thousand driver assessments are initiated every year. Their main purpose is to improve road safety.

Service provision

CBR aims to be a highly customer-oriented organisation. The implementation of the online test reservation system, TOP Internet, is one successful contribution. Most driving schools in the Netherlands are connected to this system, and this helps keep the reservation terms for candidates to a minimum. CBR operates throughout the country, working as closely as possible to the customer.


CBR is increasingly advising other European countries on driving tests. In addition, CBR works with other CIECA members on the harmonisation of traffic regulations and road safety in the EU.

Passing your test

Apart from the existing tests in Dutch, CBR also administers theory tests in English. These are held with a group of candidates in one session. In addition, candidates have the possibility of taking an individual oral test with the assistance of an interpreter, which has to be provided by the candidate.


The CBR charges an additional fee for a car license theory test, as well as for the individual test, in a language other than Dutch.

Documents required

In order to be admitted to the theory test you will need to provide the following documents:

  1. A legally recognized, valid form of identification.

If you obtained your driver’s license outside of the Netherlands, it may under certain conditions be valid within the Netherlands. This depends on the country in which the license was issued.

European Union, Liechtenstein, Norway or Iceland

If your driver’s license was issued in a Member State of the European Union or in Liechtenstein, Norway or Iceland, you can use this license in the following countries:

Other Countries

Are you from another country than the ones mentioned above, than you may continue to use your license for a maximum of 185 days after making residence in the Netherlands, after which you must pass the regular CBR theory and driving tests.


Licenses from the following countries can be exchanged, though only if they are valid in the categories mentioned:

  1. Taiwan – B – passenger car – Dutch driver’s license category B.
  2. Israël – B – passenger car – Dutch driver’s license category B.
  3. Japan IB – passenger car en motorcycle with more than 400 cm³ – Dutch driver’s license categories A and B.
  4. Singapore – Class 2 – motorcycle with more than 400 cm³ and Class 3 – passenger car – Dutch driver’s license categories A and B.
  5. Andorra – passenger car – Dutch driver’s license category B.
  6. South-Korea – second class ordinary licence – Dutch driver’s license category B.
  7. Canadian province Québec – Class 5 – Dutch driver’s license category B.

International driving licences

A driver in international traffic is someone who does not live in the Netherlands but does drive a vehicle there. Examples are tourists, representatives and drivers of trucks or coaches. International driving licences are only legalised translations of a national driving licence. It is not possible to exchange an international driving licence for a Dutch driving licence. One condition that applies to exchanging a driving licence issued outside the Netherlands is that the driving licence must be valid at the time you make the application. A driving licence issued in a not EU/EES country must also have been issued in a particular year in which the applicant was resident in the country of issue for at least 185 days.

If your driving licence cannot be exchanged, you must take a regular theory and practical test at the Central Office for Motor Vehicle Driver Testing (CBR).

Procedure at the Municipality

To obtain a Dutch driving licence, you must submit your application at your local district council office (Stadsdeelkantoor). To be eligible to exchange your licence, the following conditions apply:

You will also need to submit the following:

  1. Colour passport photograph, which meets the criteria specified in the Passport Regulation
  2. Your foreign driving licence
  3. Your residence permit unless you are a citizen of the EU/EEA or Switzerland
  4. Certificate of fitness, if necessary. (See Exceptions)

An application for a Dutch driving licence cost € 38,40 (2014 rates) and must be paid in advance. The Government Road Transport Agency (Rijksdient voor het Wegverkeer, RDW) will issue a receipt that your application is being processed. The process takes two weeks. When your Dutch driving licence is ready to be collected, you will receive a letter from the RDW that your licence can be collected. This can only be done in person.

Note: when you apply for a Dutch driving licence, you hand in your current one. While your application is being processed, you are not permitted to drive.

Applications cannot be processed more quickly than two weeks.

30% tax ruling for Dutch Driving Licence

The 30% reimbursement ruling (the 30% ruling) is a tax advantage for foreign employees working in the Netherlands. When a number of conditions are met, the employer can grant a tax free allowance amounting to 30% times 100/70 of the gross salary subject to Dutch payroll tax. This results in a maximum (effective) tax rate of approximately 36.4%. This tax free allowance is considered compensation for expenses a foreign employee experiences when working outside their home country.

Other benefits of the 30% ruling are that If you have a foreign driving licence, in most cases you will have to redo your test in order to obtain a Dutch licence. However, if you benefit from the 30% ruling, you can switch your foreign driving licence without retaking the test. More information about this subject you can find here