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Fear of driving

A fear of driving basically is the fear of losing control of the car or yourself. Usually the symptoms are very strong, like a pounding heart, shivering, sweating or even panic attacks. This fear is often caused by certain character traits, a lack of confidence after passing the driving test, a long period of little driving or no driving at all, advanced age or an accident. If you recognise these symptoms, we are able to be of assistance.

It is important to talk about it, since nothing is more dangerous than causing danger to the other people in traffic! We have a special skilled instructor who knows exactly how to deal with fear of driving.

Control your fear of driving

As much as 1 million Dutch people suffer from a fear of driving. In a time where mobility is important, a fear of driving is a serious problem. Sometimes it is caused by an accident, but mostly it is a matter of being insecure and not having enough driving experience. People who suffer from a fear of driving, lack a proper overview in traffic and they feel as if they lose control of the car or themselves. Building up confidence is the main focus here.

Sometimes the driver is scared that other people notice their insecurity. Some of them will only drive when absolutely necessary, or they will stay in their own area. In some cases, the fear is very selective, like the fear of only a certain part of the route, a fear of driving in foreign countries or a fear of driving in the dark. People can feel hunted in traffic, or they have the feeling never to be able to take a break from the traffic stress when they are driving.

Driving properly is all about taking control of the speed and the course of the car, as well as the distance between your car and other road users. The driver continually needs to check whether the speed and the course are suitable for the situation on the road and, if necessary, adjust to this situation. An experienced driver controls these adjustments; people with a fear of driving do not. They could for instance drive too fast in a certain traffic situation, or they change direction on a poorly timed moment, or the distance between them and the road user in front of them is too small, etc. The driver is required to switch from the traffic situation right in front of him and the traffic situation that occurs a few seconds later, since the breaking distance is short and situations change every second. In case of bad consequences, a lack of insight might bring up fears.

Ask for our special English instructors (Rob and Frank) who are trained in teaching people with a fear of driving, or check out our refresher driving course. Switching to driving lessons in an automatic car could also help to overcome your fear of driving. But... the first step is to get in contact with us!