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Accelerated training

Getting your driving licence fast and cheap?

If you chose to take several lessons a week, it is possible to pass your driving test much quicker. In that case, however, it is important to have enough time to focus on your training. A driving course is very intensive and you need to pay your full attention to it. We plan your lessons together with you and make sure to request your driving test (theory and practical) straight away.

This way you could receive your driving licence next month already!

The best thing about this package is probably the flexibility: If you are motivated to pass your test, we will make sure it will be fast and cheap. How? Very simple:

Together we will check on your availability for the coming 4 weeks for all 74 different course items (about 37 hours).

Conclusion: if you are able to start soon, we can offer you the full package with high quality and a low price! An accelerated course including the driving test will cost you €1999.- (All-in) and you can have your first driving lesson tomorrow!

Got your driver´s license from another country and want to exchange it to a Dutch License?

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