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Expathelp is a relocation specialist and they help expats, and companies who employ expats, with relocation, housing, schooling and tax in The Netherlands. RijschoolDenK.nl gives assistance in obtaining your driving license in Amsterdam for foreigners. We can also help you on the hectic roads of Amsterdam even if you already have a driver's license.

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Ordering a driving school package via Expathelp will give you an extra 5% discount!

Already have a license from another country?

To drive a car in the Netherlands you can sometimes exchange your driving license from another country if you benefit from the 30% ruling. You can drive for 185 days on the driving license from your country. After the 185 days you have to retake the theory and practical exam in the Netherlands in order to have a valid driving license.

Get used to the Dutch traffic

Driving School DenK offers refresher courses for expats that want to get used to the busy traffic of Amsterdam. This course includes:

Refresher course All-in:          (normal price 349)      Expathelp discount: €299

Don’t have a driver’s license yet?

In order to get your driver’s license in the Netherlands you need to finish a theory exam and a practical exam.

Both can be done in English at the CBR (the only company responsible for the exams in the Netherlands).

When you want to get a driving license we can offer a package based on a first intake. The intake is 90 minutes with an experienced English speaking instructor in a manual or automatic car.

After the intake you will receive a detailed report with a package offer.

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Already have driving experience?

We are happy to assist you obtaining your Dutch license even when you already have driving experience. After the intake we will offer you a package depending on your needs.

The advantages of "DenK" driving school

Already have driving experience?